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AppTMedia has worked itself up the curve to become a trusted partner for thousands of publishers today. Their choice is well placed and well received with utmost professionalism. We offer our publishing partners’ competitive rates that help them achieve their primary target, a well paying website. Followed by high conversion rates, timely payments and an opportunity to attain a global reach where visitors flock in, bringing your business thousands of monetised impressions, per day.

From our media buying team, too native and video placements, we utilise multiple channels to acquire you new audiences at scale. We work on a Cost-per-Install (CPI) basis, so you only pay for real users who install and engage with your app. Whether you’re looking for retention or IAPs, we can optimise ad placements using our Smarticon tool – ensuring we fulfil your KPIs. We do work on CPA model(Vas subscription) with optimum quality and having World wide traffic for the same.