ERP Solution for Hotels

It is the most comprehensive, cloud-based hotel management software. It helps you in automating most of your hotel’s routine tasks and let your staff spend more time on providing quality services.

Features :-

Reduce significant time spent on doing routine tasks.
Manage your hotel on the go.
Integrate advanced technologies to meet your customer demands.
Acquire better insights on your customers and business.
Enhance your customers satisfaction levels.


Campaign Tracking Platform
The platform with the ability to track and manage your own publisher relationships. The fully- customizable software solution also enables clients to manage campaigns, creatives, invoices, payouts, and more at a detailed level—in real time.

Configurable dashboards. Smart targeting & cap system. Multicurrencies and flexible payouts.

Multiple data breakdowns. Comparison reports. IP Intelligence by Digital Element.

AI Smartlinks. Anti-Fraud Protection. CR Optimization. Automatic transfer of offers.

Tailored UI design. Feature-rich api. 3rd party integrations. Real-time BI tools.

Email Marketing Platform

Marketing Automation
Treat each customer uniquely with targeted emails based on their interests and needs. Email Automation helps you to create lasting customer relationships by sending the right message at the right time.

Email Creation
Create attractive and highly converting emails within minutes using TejiMail's free email templates and easy drag-and-drop email editor.

Manage Your Contacts
Uploading and managing contact lists has never been so hassle free! Activity reports enable you to improve your email list hygiene.

Track Your Success
How did customers respond? Know your campaign performance real-time with in-depth graphical reports available at your fingertips.

Proven Deliverability
We advocate permission-based email marketing for delivery success. TejiMail's experts help businesses reach their customer's inbox safely.